Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear 30

Dear 30,

You will be here in just a few short weeks and I thought I would be more scared to meet you. I mean, I'm a little scared, but not too much. Not stick-botox-in-my-forehead, oh-god-my-metabolism-is-going-to-hell-and-I'm-going-to-gain-thousands-of-pounds, is-that-another-grey-hair scared. Just mildly nervous and certainly a tiny bit sad to say good bye to my 20's. 

Oh, 20's, you have been quite the adventure. I have learned so much from everything you dropped in my lap in the last 9 3/4 years. And, oh my, have I learned. And learned. I would not give back one day. Some people say they have no regrets. I think those people are robots. I have tons of regrets, but I think those are the things you learn from. If you don't realize a mistake when you make it how can you possibly avoid it the next time? Mmmm hmmmm. Yep.

Oh sweet 20's. You have been so up and down, silly 20's. Thank you for the lessons. Thank you for Europe- twice- and being so happy on a train from London to Paris that I cried. Thank you for those bad boyfriends, who made me stronger and made me see the good ones out there. Thank you for, at 29, having four of the best girlfriends in the entire world, girls I could not possibly ever imagine living without ever again. (Who knew girls were nice? I didn't! Until now.) Thank you for Japanese straight perms, long wear lipstick, skinny jeans and brothers with good taste in music. 

So good bye, 20's. I won't be seeing you again, but it was nice knowing you. I will miss you a little because I will no longer be able to flip to the 20's section in the annual Age Issue in Vogue. I will no longer be able to listen to Slow Show in quite the same way (you know I dreamed about you, for 29 years, before I saw you). I will no longer have the excuse of being young and dumb! You tested me, 20's, but I'm glad for it. Without the lows I wouldn't be able to appreciate the highs. 

Hello, 30. I'll meet you in a few weeks but you're not so scary. There is still so much to come. And that I look forward to more than anything. 

xo Ally 

ps- Hey 30, I think I need new shoes. Pass it along. 

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