Monday, August 17, 2009


Last night while having drinks with Leah at West we rolled onto talking about the little project I've been working on and the happiness list she gave to me for this blog. My favourite pick of hers was #5~ the feeling of home, whether it be someone or somewhere. The physical idea of home has been rather transient for Leah over the past few years, as she has bounced between her birthplace in Regina, Saskatchewan and here in Vancouver several times. But I understood her words immediately, for just as Leah's idea of home is to be anywhere as long as it is with Greg, so we now feel about our friendship as well. 

Home is more than just a couch, a bed, a shower. It is where one feels safe and more themselves than any other place in the world. I have never felt particularly attached to any location I have lived. We moved a lot when I was a kid and the house we stayed the longest in I didn't particularly like. But a place is just a place. My home is now me and Lulu. But more than packing my animal in her carrier bag and wandering the city from apartment to apartment, my feeling of home is most complete when I'm with the people who understand me most in the world, specifically Leah and Greg. They are more than friends, they are my family. People I can turn to and go to no matter what I need, at any time and vice versa. They let me be me, encourage me to be me, crazy and all. I have never known friendship in this capacity and it inspires me everyday. 

I know nothing ever quite stays the same but I also know my feeling of home will always be with these two people and that nothing can ever change that, not even location. 

What or who makes you feel at home? What couldn't you live without? Where do you want to live more than anywhere else? 

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