Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wedding Day

One more sleep. Tomorrow one of my best friends in the world is going to put on the most beautiful gown I have ever seen, pin a veil into her hair and walk down the aisle to marry one of the loveliest men I have ever met. Tomorrow is Erika and David's wedding and I absolutely know it is going to be the most beautiful of days. 

This couple seemed meant to be from the moment they started dating. There never seemed to be any hesitation or doubt about how they felt for each other; they fell in love as naturally as the shift of the tide. Erika and David's relationship has been a wonderful thing to witness and be a part of. They adore each other so much I know it is destined to work. But beyond their crazy love they care so deeply for each other as people, are thoughtful to each other and communicate so well. Their love is equal parts passion and friendship~ the very best kind, in my opinion. 

I know Erika is wonderfully lucky to have found David but David is profoundly fortunate to be marrying Erika. I met the beautiful bride eight years ago, as we wandered across Europe to study art history for two months. We stared at hundreds of paintings, explored endless cathedrals, slept in the coach for days on end, ate many cheap student-y meals and shopped like no one's business. In Switzerland I remember we stayed up until the morning light, talking endlessly about boys and love with Jess and Alexandra. It seems like a lifetime ago, but I still think about those nights. In the last few years we have grown incredibly close and we have always been there for each other, especially through both our choices of bad boyfriends. That streak came to an end when Erika met David. To see how much he loves her affirms to me that everything leading up to this point was worth it, because they have arrived here. 

Wedding day. I can't wait to stand up next to Erika as a bridesmaid as she marries the love of her life tomorrow. To my wonderful friend and her soon to be husband, the biggest congratulations in the world! I love you both. 

(Photos via A Cup of Jo) 

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