Sunday, August 30, 2009

"All We Want" is Elias

It seems slightly unfathomable to me that I've been "blogging" (I hate that verb) for over three months now and I have yet to mention the likes of Vancouver band, Elias. These local boys done good are young, talented, dedicated and charismatic. Their music is inventive, alluring and always draws you back for more ~if you have taste, that is. And they are going places. I may sound biased, and perhaps I am, because this is the band in which my little brother belongs. Still, every word I write is true. 

Elias is currently a trio, comprised of lead singer/pianist (and a good friend of mine) Brian Healy, drummer Stefan Tavares and my kid sibling, lead guitar player (and for the moment, bassist as well) Rob Tornroos. I've seen these boys throughout the years, changing and growing, and it has been an honour to be part of the evolution (sometimes I get to hear the latest being practiced in my apartment). It has been a seemingly long road of cross country tours, club gigs and endless studio sessions but the result has been worthwhile. Not only has Elias emerged an even stronger musical act but have recently been in the studio, yet again, prepping for a new album under the label Wax Records (a new affiliate of Wind Up Records). I'm a ridiculously proud sister and I absolutely can't wait to hear the final result. 

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and visit Elias at to listen to tracks and visit their links. 

Watch Rob and Brian perform an acoustic set live on Global News here~ one of my fave performances when they released their album, All We Want, last year. 

Visit Wind Up Records here

All amazing images are by photographer and former Elias bassist, Jonny Healy. Join his Facebook group, Jonny Healy Photography, here. Prepare to be impressed!

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