Friday, August 28, 2009

I Bow Down To You, Gonzo Journalist

My friend (and boss) Chris is a completely kick ass writer. There is no other way to describe it. He's insanely funny and entertaining, but layered with depth. Once in awhile he'll bring something to me to preview for him and those are always my favourite late nights at work because I know I'll get to end my evening laughing my tush off. Yet he's not all fun and games. Chris is also a food writer for local publication Vancouver Magazine, so he also gets squired around the city to the newest and yummiest restaurants, where he gets treated like gold and then has to review his experience. Tough life, Gonzalez. Here are a few of Chris's recent fantastic stories:

Summer's Gone Right Down The Tubes, Georgia Straight (read this now, you'll die laughing)

Italy in a Bowl, Vancouver Magazine

Search Party, Vancouver Magazine

Also, follow Chris on Twitter at GonzoJournalism. Never have I seen such hilarity in 140 characters. Trust me. (I don't Twitter, I just watch him update. Constantly.) 

ps- Thanks for the Ally Redhead shout out on Twitter, Chris! You're the best! 

(Photo via Vancouver Magazine)

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