Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness

Nic's 10 Things That Make Me Terribly, Wonderfully Happy
1. Pastries- the sugary kind, not the buttery kind
2. Puppies with paws and ears that are too big
3. Walking in the rain in my rubber boots
4. Shopping at Christmastime
5. Catching people performing random acts of kindness
6. Sharing an inside joke through a glance
7. Wearing something new and knowing you look fabulous
8. Themed parties
9. Crying during every movie ever made- it makes me aware that I have feelings!
10. My besties- I heart you and would die without you!

Thank you, Nicole, for your beautiful words! This one made me cry! As for #10, the feeling is very mutual! 


Nic, I couldn't decide on just one photo so here is my montage! xo

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