Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Few More Wedding Candids

Hubert, the wedding mascot! Look at that face! 

Passing the pre-wedding time!

Mmmm... fudgesicles!
Puppy love! 

All dressed up and ready to go! 

Erika having just put on her veil~ *sniff*

Posing in the garden

Walking down the aisle at Minoru Chapel

The gorgeous Heritage Hall

The Geary's first dance as husband and wife!

Friends for 8+ years, we all went to Europe together! Still friends! Jim, Erika, me & Jess

Kristin's fabulous leap for the bouquet! Naturally a 14 year old caught it!

New Zealander Jeff's crazy aboriginal chant! Amazing! 


  1. Wasn't it wonderful? There are so many great moments to remember.

  2. I keep re-living everything in my head! The most beautiful wedding I've been to. It was magical.

  3. Looks like it was a lovely wedding. Love your lbd!!


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