Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Moment in Time

So this is what love feels like: Cuddling with a wet two year old, straight out of the pool. Green eyes and black curly hair. Hysterical laughter at being called "silly goose". A five year old whispering "I love you". Deep concentration while watching The Wiggles. Baby kisses.

Jamie, 2, with her cousin Keifer, 3.

Keira, 5

Jamie, the little ham, jumping in the pool, again and again and again....

Deep concentration.

Cuddling and colouring with my girl.

Dear Keira & Jamie,
I miss you so much when I don't see you. I wish you didn't live in Calgary, which may as well be the end of the world for as much as I get to see you two amazing little beings growing and changing. Jamie, you wouldn't even speak at Christmas for your shyness and now you are a little performer! When did that happen? I wish I knew. Keira, your confidence even at 5 assures me that you will always find your way in the world. So now I won't see you again until Christmas, when I will eagerly discover more new things about you two. I can't wait. xoxoxo

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