Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness

Chloe's 10 Things That Make Me Terribly, Wonderfully Happy
1. The serenity of a beach
2. A coffee and croissant in the morning
3. Perusing bookstores
4. My cat's purr
5. A new dress that fits perfectly
6. Airports (especially when I'm off to somewhere exciting)
7. Laughing till it hurts with good friends over a glass of wine
8. Surprises
9. Sleeping in
10. The first winter snowfall
11. My boyfriend's ridiculous and quirky sense of humor

Thank you so much for contributing, Chloe! I wouldn't have been able to eliminate one either! 

Make sure to visit Chloe's amazing blog My Favourite Things. She is truly a beautiful and talented writer!

(Photo via Paper Tissue)

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