Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Heart You More Than Ever, Etsy

Ohhhhhh, Etsy. How I love thee! 

I've been rhapsodizing about Etsy again this week, to friends and co-workers alike and I still am astounded whenever I meet someone who hasn't heard of (or fallen madly in love with) this amazing website! I can't say it enough~ I adore Etsy! Whenever I need a little fix I log on and scroll through my "favourites" (saved in a database for easy access), deciding what I absolutely need (yes, need) to have next! My list is long, trust me! And I always get a tickle when my package arrives at my door! If you haven't discovered Etsy yet do yourself a favour and visit it here. Meanwhile, here are a few of my favourites stored up right now! 

Timeless Paper has the most amazing place cards and these butterfly ones give me butterflies! Aren't they absolutely stunning? These would be gorgeous for a wedding but would work perfectly at a fancy schmancy dinner party too! Click here to order 50 place cards for $45US plus shipping. 

This dainty belt from Little White Dresser is made to measure so you know it will fit your waist perfectly when it arrives. It would look beautiful over a little slip dress or even over a pretty cardigan and pencil skirt as we head into fall. I adore its vintage aesthetic, sequined leaves and touch of sparkle, and all for $16US! Click here to have one for yourself. 

Made By Girl's screen prints are utterly adorable and affordable works of art. I love them all but especially this one~ I really do love blogs and tea! The colours are soft and feminine and it would work perfectly in my front hall or living room. Frame not included. Click here to order this print, for only $9.50US! 

I found this whimsical greeting card when I was searching the word "Paris" (I do this often, I am fairly in love with anything French inspired). I had to stop and laugh because it reminded me of Lulu! I'm trying very hard to not be one of those people obsessed with their animals but it's too hard! At only $4.00 it's on my list, if only to put it on my fridge to smile at daily! Click here to have Lulu for yourself (the card, not my cat)!!!

Again with the Parisian influence, this 8x10 still, called La Poule Blanche by photographer Honeytree, stopped me dead in my tracks when it was featured on Etsy's front page. It's just such a typical French street scene but it features everything I loved about my time there~ pretty architecture, fashion, amazing decor (look at that black and white tiled floor~ swoon!). I can just picture the girl who owns the cute little bike inside trying on some adorable frock! I would hang this in my bedroom. In fact, I have just the space for it! And only $25.00US! Click here for one of your own. 

Sharon Montrose paints animals at her local zoo and turns them into limited edition prints. Have you seen anything more adorable than this baby deer? Bambi, eat your heart out! A series of Sharon's prints would be an incredible collection for any home and are considerably less pricey than art you could find elsewhere. Plus, I love that these are actual animals she has painted! Click here to bring home this sweet baby for only $25.00US. 

Petra Collection has the most stunning, intricate jewelry. It looks like it should be worn by some European goddess on holiday in St. Tropez, not little old me, but I don't care! I love it! These turquoise and seed pearl earrings are only $47.00US~ far less than anything I could find of comparable beauty at Blue Ruby. Click here for a pair of your own. 

ps- My Luce headband from Feather by Feather finally arrived yesterday and I love it! I wore it to work last night and while one co-worker who shall remain nameless (Hector) thought I had a dead bird on my head, most customers and co-workers alike thought it was charming! I felt incredibly chic! 

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  1. Love the headband, it's perfect on you! I may have to order one myself...


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