Thursday, August 6, 2009

Store Obsession- Anthropologie

If absolutely forced to name my all time favourite store I would inevitably have to go with a two-way toss up between the beautiful Yaletown decor store The Cross and the equally inspiring fashion and decor emporium Anthropologie. My only problem? The closest Anthropologie to me is a mere three hours (if the border is kind) South on the I5 in Seattle, Washington (insert disappointed frowny face here). I discovered the wonderment that is Anthropologie about 5 years ago while on a day trip to our rainy neighbour to the South with a friend and the happy accident of wandering inside became, to me, like discovering King Tut's tomb! Darting around I couldn't decide what to look at first! The clothes that all looked vintage, charming and utterly feminine? The housewares that were in every shade of the rainbow and amazingly budget friendly? The array of specialty candles,  yummy scented soaps and lotions, coffee table worthy books? It was enchanting, like wandering through the very best French flea market (although I saw nothing this fantastic in Paris, trust me)! 

Some of my favourite finds in the last few years have been from Anthropologie and I always look forward to my next little road trip down to Seattle. As we make our way into August and the impending  clutches of fall inevitably becomes a reality I have been scouting online what is chic for the upcoming season. As much as I adore autumn, however, I'm not quite ready to look for cool weather clothes. My solution? Jewelry, of course! The jewelry at Anthropologie is absolutely swoon worthy! Again, every piece looks special and vintage, like something you would find in a flea market or an estate sale and that not every girl in the next block will be wearing. Here are a few pieces I've been drooling over and already mentally planning to pair with cashmere sweaters and skinny jeans come October!

Visit the fantastic Anthropologie website here. You'll be glad you did! 


  1. GORGEOUS jewelry picks! I also love Anthropologie! It's been a while since I've made the trip down to Seattle-must do soon.

  2. I know! I need to renew my passport ASAP so I can get down there! Luckily Anthro now ships to Canada! Phew! We should make a trip in the fall though!


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