Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Summer To Do List

Today is misty and grey and though it's only early August I can't help but feel we are going to be sliding into fall fairly quickly. The thing is I feel like my summer just started! Where did the weeks go? I've barely had time to enjoy anything quintessentially "summery" or do those things I say I will do every summer (before I know it, it's always October again and I'm wearing turtlenecks). Le sigh. It's time to embrace my free days and start checking off some of the items on my summer to-do list! Here are a few things I'd love to do in the next few weeks....

1. Have a picnic on the beach. I'm not a great "cook" so I would instead opt for lots of yummy things from Whole Foods, hide some white wine in a thermos, pack my book and a blanket and go enjoy living so close to the water. I haven't spent one minute at the beach yet this summer and while this isn't unusual (try to remember I'm a pale redhead here!) a seaside picnic is a definite must. As for my company? Well, that is up for grabs! 

2. Hike the Pacific Spirit trails out at UBC. I've always wanted to do this and I think it would make an awesome, adventurous date. Plus, being in the woods alone is uber romantic! 

3. See an outdoor concert. Last spring I was lucky enough to see REM at Deer Lake Park and I've been head over heels in love with that venue ever since. Radiohead at Thunderbird Stadium was also fantastic (although the pouring rain was less than lovely). Outdoor concerts are wonderfully summery and always feel so much more magical than regular shows. I'm hoping to fit one in before the cool weather descends. 

4. Go see a play at Bard on the Beach. Last year was the first year I'd ever attended this acclaimed festival and the production of King Lear was incredible, especially with Creative Director Christopher Gaze as the titled king. This year I'm instead looking forward to seeing a comedy~ I think I'll go for A Comedy of Errors. There is nothing like Shakespearean mishaps for a good laugh! (I'm a geek, I know)

5. Discover my inner child at Playland (and maybe even visit the PNE). I haven't done this in many, many years but there is something so summery about overpaying to go screech on some rickety rides, try to win a stuffed animal at the games and gorge on hot dogs and mini donuts (mmmmm). Sign me up! 

6. My favourite thing to do at any time of year is hop in the car and drive up to Whistler. I adore everything about Whistler, especially its fusion of earthiness and glamour. My perfect summer day would be to pack a day bag, collect my date and hit the highway. An hour and a half later we could park the car, have an afternoon cocktail in the village at Araxi, swim the afternoon away at Lost Lake, followed by a casual dinner. Staying overnight at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler or the Four Seasons would be the ultimate indulgence. One day.....

These are just a few of the highlights on my summer to-do list. Others include patios, mojitos and sandal shopping! What do you want to do with the rest of your summer? Share! 

(Photos via Paper Tissue)

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