Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Notes

Dear brain,
Why do you have to be so overly analytical and, plainly, just an old fusspot? You should relax. Jeez. 

Dear Thierry,
Please bottle the scent of your roasted cherries so I can douse myself in it and smell delicious every moment of the day. If you did this you would become a millionaire, I swear. 

Dear Bon Iver,
Thank you for the amazing song Lump Sum, which I have listened to no less than 80 times in the last three days. Chills, truly. 

Dear brother,
Thank you for putting away the dishes. That is the only reason I let you eat the rest of the lasagna. That was your reward. You did good, kid. 

Dear Amber,
They are Susan and Louise. 

Dear Tiffany key necklace,
I am trying really hard not to put too much emphasis on "stuff" in my life, but, to be honest, I'm really excited to get you. Are you on a plane right now? Please get here soon! 

Dear summer,
I can feel you slipping away as I gaze at sweaters and boots in the stores and as more leaves start to drift down from the trees. I'm ready for fall, but it was a fun one, summer. Thank you. 

Dear Mom and Dad,
Your 38 years of marriage sincerely inspires me, everyday but especially today. Happy Anniversary, parents. I love you. xxoo

(Photo via Paper Tissue)

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