Friday, September 4, 2009


Okay, okay, by now you've got it. I'm officially 30. This new decade has made me want to turn over a new leaf and have a fresh start. Life has been weird lately and I refuse to do "weirdness" anymore. It's time to be smart, make better choices and wiser decisions. It's time to follow my head and my instincts instead of ignoring those gut feelings and being careless about my life and my feelings. In other words, it's high time to have that fresh start as a more together, directed person. This birthday has made me come up with a few resolutions for my life (which I never come up with on New Years Eve) and here are a few:

1. Be a more consistently thoughtful person to the people in my life. Selfish is lame and it's a narrow way to live. To see how my friends and family went out of their way for me, above and beyond, for my surprise birthday party yesterday (more on that later) made me cry like a child, again and again. No amount of money on earth can buy that thoughtfulness. I'm determined to be a more present and accountable friend, daughter, sister, etc. and try to make the lives of the people around me as lovely as they make mine. Small gestures, big ones~ whatever it takes.

2. Be patient, live my life a day at a time, get out of my head so much and enjoy every little step. Sometimes I try to run before I walk and then I make a mess of myself when I fall. Be present in the everyday.

3. Don't put up with junk I know I don't deserve and be prepared to walk away from lousy situations with integrity.

4. Focus on the future, career wise. It's time to think and decide what I'm going to do with myself, be it writing, Education or something else I may stumble upon that I love. I need to stop ignoring it because it scares me and chase those dreams.

5. Work at being happy, because there is truly so much to be happy about. Life is

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