Monday, September 28, 2009

Track One

Music. It is such a sickeningly powerful thing. It can transform a mood in a second. It can elicit feelings you didn't know you still had. And it can take you back to a moment two years ago that you thought you had long put behind you (and have, truly....but still). Not forgotten after all. Sitting in bed, past midnight, listening to a playlist I haven't put on in ages. Opening notes to a song are quiet and stirring. My heart starts thudding and my mind hurtles back in time to a room, a wall full of windows, overlooking the dark sky and the city dotted with lights. How in that moment, during this exact song, what I felt was nothing but utter confidence. And joy. Followed by months of not being able to listen to this song without feeling sick to my stomach. So two years later. I listen to its haunting beauty....still one of my absolute favourites. And now, while it can take me back to that moment in a split second, it doesn't hurt like that anymore. It's just another memory. 
Another piece of the past. 

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  1. I have songs, songs that I adored in the past, that I simply cannot listen to anymore because they still manage to bring back difficult memories. One day they will be pieces of the past, but until then they sit there in my CD rack. x


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