Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Relieved To Be Home

The last three days have been far from fun in my world. Without going into too much detail I spent the last few days in the hospital, first a grueling ten hours in the emergency room at St. Pauls (horrific), followed by two nights overnight after being admitted (much much better). I have two blue hospital bracelets on my arm and numerous pricks in my skin where I had an IV and three rounds of blood tests. Morphine and I became totally best friends. I have had it before but this time as it was injected into my IV and I could feel it drip into my veins and rush through my body in seconds, I was thoroughly grateful.

Pain is a very defeating thing. It can take you and throw your life upside down in moments. It makes you weak, can make you see things that perhaps aren't there when you feel "normal". Sitting and waiting for a diagnosis is also beyond frustrating, like waiting for your judgement day. What will happen next? I never was a good one for living in the moment. I was released this morning and felt liberated to leave the grim walls of the hospital. Despite the misfortune of the visit, all is well (or will be well). The nurses were beyond wonderful, giving comfort when I needed it most. The doctors well meaning and efficient. My mother sitting by my side for twelve hour stretches, my saviour. I am glad it is over. Almost 9 o clock? Time for bed.


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