Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Style In A Small Space

Sometimes it is very cool to be on a "hello" basis with someone you admire from afar. That happened to me the other night and I got a little kick out of it. It might not mean much to other people but to me it was a small thrill.  

As I have mentioned before my favourite store in the world (think of the way Holly Golightly feels for Tiffany&Co.) is the Yaletown home decor mecca, The Cross. When I walk in the doors and the 5000 square feet envelopes me, I weirdly feel like nothing bad can happen to me. To be surrounded by so much beauty is a heady thing. I often feel transported to an entirely different place~ a gentler, English-speaking Paris perhaps? No matter~ I adore everything about it. My consistent wanderings through over the past five years has gotten me on a hello, chit chat basis with the staff while there. I experienced role reversal a few evenings ago when Peter, one of the store's amazing designers, stopped by my work and we exchanged genuine greetings of the "nice to see you" variety. A solid friendship it is not, but a little random connection in this city is a funny, lovely thing. 

At any rate, the exchange reminded me of Peter's gorgeous home, featured in the August 2008 issue of Canadian House & Home. He lives in a 625 square foot apartment in the downtown core and though the physical space is small, as it is apt to be in the centre of a city, it is broad with impact and style. Besides, as many of his furnishings are from The Cross, it was inevitable I would absolutely love it! The juicy hits of colour and wall of books makes me swoon! 

(Photos via The Cross from Canadian House and Home)

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