Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From Friends To Roomies~ Nic Moves In

In two weeks a big life change will occur for me. I will be living with one of my best friends in the world and I'm thrilled! Yet though I adore her, I'm a tiny bit nervous because I've never lived with a friend before (and in case you didn't know, I'm kind of a monster sometimes). Still, Nic is the very best kind of friend and soon-to-be roomie~ kind, thoughtful, laidback, patient, fun! We will live in my current place until my lease is up and then together search for a new apartment downtown. So far, Craigslist, I hate you! Nevertheless, I am excited for all the changes happening in my life! Here is what I'm looking forward to (or just plain love) about living with my beautiful friend...

1. The girl can bake. Like, seriously rock the kitchen. Yesterday she spoiled me with an afternoon of vegan pumpkin cheesecake (I'm still swooning) and lounging in front of the fireplace at her current building. And then I got to take another piece home! She makes chocolate cupcakes with either peanut butter or cream cheese frosting that makes my pulse quicken and my insulin skyrocket. We keep joking we are going to be chubby and happy living together. I will eat anything she puts in front of me! 

2. Bunny slippers. Pj's. Nail polish. Movies that include soulmates getting together in the end. Crying. And the aforementioned cupcakes from above. Girls night becomes every night. 

3. She has the best straightening iron ever. I may have to borrow it when mine is providing lacklustre service. 

4. A testament to what a generous person she is~ Nic is allergic to cats (actually, she is kind of allergic to everything, like everything!) but she is willing to douse herself with Claritin to live with Lulu et moi. My fingers are fervently crossed that the poor girl is not broken out in hives 24/7. She's way too pretty for that. 

5. Reason 346 why I love her: She loves unicorns. I mean, who doesn't love unicorns, but she has mentioned this to me several times. I love that she loves mythical creatures. Isn't that adorable?

6. Our fashion sense is pretty spot on so roomie shopping trips will be easier to coordinate. Yet I don't think we will fight over who gets what. She loves T-shirts with big tiger faces on them (she has 2), while I prefer owls (obsessed). She is often a vision in black; I try to avoid it as much as possible. She likes clothes that are chic and streamlined while I go for anything girly (the more ruffles the better). We like each other's taste but won't be screaming at each other when things in each respective closet goes missing, because that probably won't happen...... too often anyways! 

7. We talk about anything and everything. We are completely open and honest with each other and it will be amazing to have a built in support system at home. We go on endlessly about things that upset us as much as we talk about our dreams (like when we get to go to Paris together or when we win the lottery.... which is totally going to happen). We let each other talk it out while the other is loving and encouraging. And when we can't see the big picture individually we remind the other of what they really want in life. To have that everyday will be an incredible gift.

I know this whole living together thing might not be easy all the time, but I have no doubt that mostly it's going to be full of laughter and gossip and late nights and ridiculous fun. I'm so lucky to have Nic in my life... and now I get to see her everyday! 

Dear Roomie, 
Can we find somewhere incredible like this to move to? 
Pretty please?

Just for you Nic.... unicorns! 


  1. That is exciting! Congratulations. Having had many a roommate in my day...I would offer this advice (I know you are not asking for any...but)Make sure you guys have your own ample space and some boundaries. Hanging out together and living together are two VERY different things and you have to have your own space when you are having a day that is less than jovial. Oh and having your own bathroom is a biggy if you can swing it. Otherthan that there is nothing better than a roomie you adore! XO Tiffany
    (not sure if you knew "Details" was me!)

  2. How secretive you were, Tiff! I had no idea! Thank you for the advice. I always value it coming from you! And we are DEFINITELY looking for a place with 2 bathrooms! That is a must on our list! Love you!


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