Monday, September 14, 2009

The Big Picture

Sometimes it is very easy, too too easy, to get caught up in the little things. The details. Those moments you think you can't forget but that you lived so easily without not long ago. You get trapped in the drama like in a web. Which is ridiculous. Sometimes you forget to look at the big picture. But the big picture is what's important here. The big picture holds your future, the future you want to have. Not the non event of the present. Remember what you want. Hold onto what you really want and what you deserve. 

You want this

and this

date nights like this

and road trips like this

and silly redheaded fun like this

and never ever again this.

Remember what you need and want for your life. Don't compromise or give up certain parts of yourself that you are not able to give up. Don't lose the best parts of yourself~ the hope, the romanticism, the starry eyed belief in things that are right and happy. Do yourself a favour and allow only that which is good into your life. 
And remember the big picture. 

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