Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One More Thing France Has That I Love

Good bye numero deux (or should I say Au Revoir?). My amazing friend Rachel is in the midst of packing her bags and meeting with the consulate in Vancouver today in preparation for her Thursday departure date back to France, where she will live for another year. This time last September she was embarking on a new, unknown adventure as she had taken a new job in a country where she wasn't 100% proficient with the language and didn't know a soul. Adventure, indeed! Along the way, perhaps as she established a daily routine in Montpellier (several hours outside of Paris) and became more adjusted to her surroundings, Rachel became very much a French girl. And I happen to love that about her. I will miss my confidante so incredibly much. We can talk for hours about the most soul stirring of things or laugh like teenagers over the silliest of details. We understand each other in a profound way because we are so similar~ sensitive romantics! (Ouch, watch out world~ there are two of us!) 

I'm so proud of Rachel as she embarks on yet another brave tenure in a country across the ocean from her family and friends (and comfort zone). I will her miss her gentle voice on the phone (calling cards this time!), hours long coffee dates and shopping excursions with us and her twin. And yet this time I have a plan~ I think it's high time for me to have a return visit to France! Rach, I'll see you sooner than you know. 
In the meantime~ bon voyage et je t'aime. xoxo

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