Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jewelry Pretty Enough To Eat

Sometimes, jewelry is so pretty it looks good enough to eat! Clearly, Anthropologie agrees~just look at this adorable new series of photos showcasing beautiful bracelets for fall against mouth watering candy! Sometimes a certain piece or product will stop me dead in my tracks to look but other times I'm drawn in by shiny, sexy advertising! These alluring pictures did exactly that~ ooooh, candy.... yummy...... oooh, time to buy a bracelet! How's that for brainwashed?! Still, as I've posted before here, Anthropologie has amazingly lovely jewelry that looks as if it's been found in an estate sale or in a flea market abroad. It all has a unique and special feel in contrast to the mass marketed pieces found in most accessories stores today. These gorgeous bracelets would be a fabulous addition to cute cardigans and jeans for a casual yet chic September outfit! 

ps- My favourite is the golden flowered cuff in the top photo.

pps- I'm hungry. But I don't think the gummy worms next to me are the best way to start off the day. Hmmmph. 

(Photos via Anthropologie)

1 comment:

  1. Gummy worms are always a great choice! ;) These are all so beautiful! How's a gal to choose? I love the flower cuff too, and also the gold woven cuff. Ok, I think the two of us need to make a road trip down to Anthropologie sometime in the near future! Are you in?


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