Friday, September 18, 2009

Chanel No.5

I adore Audrey Tautou in this just revealed advertisement, commencing her role as the new face of Chanel No.5 perfume (replacing the lovely redheaded Nicole Kidman). She is everything that Chanel embodies in the fashion world~ elegant, feminine, French! I, like many people the world over, fell in love with Audrey in her role as Amelie, the lonely Parisian girl with the gamine haircut seeking her equally quirky soulmate, while performing good deeds for others along the way. She is truly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and talented actresses working today. Chanel is lucky to have her. 

It almost makes me want to buy a bottle of Chanel No.5~ almost, but not quite. 
I wear Coco. 

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  1. I adore her, Amelie is one of my absoloute favourite films. She is perfect for this campaign and she's actually starring as Coco Chanel in the new film Coco. I think it comes out soon- let me know if you want to go see it! I also wear Coco Mademoiselle ;) It's a great fall/winter fragrance.


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