Thursday, September 24, 2009

Frank Gehry for Tiffany&Co.

For my 30th a few weeks ago my grandmother wanted me to have something significant to mark the occasion. I was happy to oblige with selecting something meaningful to me, as my mother told me my grandmother's wishes as we were wandering through Tiffany & Co (for the record we don't just hit up Tiffany on a normal basis, we were picking out my amazing key, my birthday gift from my parents). I tried on everything I could get my hands on that seemed under a billion dollars~ necklaces with baby diamonds dotted through them, gorgeous and chunky bangles, but I knew I wanted a ring. And I knew just the man to provide me with that. 

I've been lusting for a piece of Frank Gehry's collection for Tiffany since its launch several years ago. Gehry, a Toronto born architect, is a master at his profession (look at this amazingness) and teamed with the company to design a line of jewelry reminiscent of his iconic designs. The line is everything you would expect and delight in from an architect~ strong, sculptural, interesting, detailed. It was dang hard to pick but I chose the open Torque ring in sterling silver and I have yet to take it off. While my personality and taste in jewelry is decidedly more feminine and delicate most of the time, I adore the strong lines and clean, modern simplicity of the ring. 

While not inexpensive, Gehry's collection for Tiffany provides pieces that you will be drawn to and want to wear forever. His designs are absolutely wearable art. Next up? I'm lusting after his amazing Torque bangle, above. And I don't want to wait until the next big birthday! 

The ring I selected, and love, the Open Torque ring

Another incredible bangle, like the bigger version of my ring

Visit the Frank Gehry Collection at Tiffany.

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