Monday, September 14, 2009


When I'm down the best thing in the world for my spirits is to get in my car and drive the twenty five minutes to my parents' house. I adore my mother (hi mom!) but my father is my endless source of entertainment. We are two peas in a pod; I am truly my father's daughter. He is ridiculous and charming and engaging (actually, I don't get that from him at all!). People are drawn to him and adore him because of his natural zeal for life. 
Things I am crazy about in my amazing dad: 

1. He giggles. Like a child. And oh, very very loudly. His laugh, though sometimes like a sonic boom, is always infectious. When he giggles, I giggle. It's pretty fab.

2. He makes fun of me like no other. And I adore it. He calls this blog Ally I'm A Redhead and continually pitches guest posts to me. He wants me to write endlessly about The Beatles. And to post the 11 minute car chase from Bullit, his favourite movie. 
(Fine, fine. Click here to watch it.)
He pretends my brother is his fave to drive me crazy. He tells me I'm wearing too much make up when I go home bare faced and tells me I'm pale when I go all glammed up. 
He keeps me in line. 

3. He has nicknames for all my friends. You aren't loved until you have a ridiculous nickname. Currents are Vonda, Marilyn, LP and the little one from Regina 
(not very inventive, that last one).

4. We have inside jokes that never cease to bring a smile to my face. 

5. We go to lunch, just the two of us. Often to the neighbourhood pub, where the old cougar servers bring his Stella without asking and I feast on grilled cheese and yam fries. It wouldn't matter where we go~ we laugh, he talks about music and tells me stories. It's the best. 

I am incredibly grateful to have the father I have. Today I woke up with a cold, sneezing like crazy. I had to go to their house to renew my car insurance and my Dad was waiting for me. He took care of it while I sneezed and sniffled inside. Then he took me to lunch and he made me feel normal again and then I slept the afternoon away in their bed, while he was careful to be quiet. Then he gave me a $50 bill and I came home. Aren't parents wonderful? 

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