Sunday, September 20, 2009

Real Life

Real life isn't like the movies. First of all, it's definitely not pretty costumes and flattering lighting all the time. Nor is the dialogue in real life ever quite as clever or gripping as in film. Most of all, real life isn't tidy. Fights (between friends, between lovers) are real and not often solved with a sobbing hug and fervent declaration of feelings. More like they just end, but the bad feelings (and the harsh words exchanged) resonate and are stored around for weeks on end until finally (thankfully) they dissipate, exhausted. Endings are definitive. Things end. They are not renewed in the final acts with flowers and smiles. They just end. Everyday this happens to people. I love the escapism of film but I sometimes resent it, too. The clean cut way things are resolved, the blissful outcomes as the credits roll to some carefully chosen song. Real life isn't like the movies. Sometimes I need to cap the romanticism in this heart and face reality. Like today. 

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  1. Love your blog!! Great post I totally agree!


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