Thursday, September 17, 2009

101 Best Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver

Food.... Yum. Cocktails.....mmmmm. Is there anything better? This girl loves to eat and drink and I am lucky because there is so much delicious goodness to devour in this beautiful city I live in. Working in the restaurant industry I hear a lot about competitors and what places are must visits and I'm always looking for where to go next. Once there, however, how do I narrow down what the best thing on the menu is? Or what exactly are the best haunts to hit up in Vancouver? 

As I've written before (see my glowing first post here) my friend and boss, Chris, is an amazing writer and contributor to Vancouver Magazine. Recently Chris and other Van Mag editors were canvassed to select their favourite items to eat and drink across the city, ranging from street vendors to haute cuisine. The final selection is now ready! 101 Best Things to Eat and Drink is a drool worthy, finely edited list of all those musts you have to try in Vancouver! Just reading the list makes my stomach growl with rapt appreciation. On my immediate list are both the linguine with lobster at Cioppino's and Uva's Greenwich Sour. Mmm...I wish I could have those tonight! 

A huge hug and congrats to Chris for submitting 37 of the 101 selected for the final piece! Clearly, this man knows his stuff. (ps- I giggled with delight when Chris showed me the list because the Heart Shaped Scones from The Secret Garden Tea Company and Primo's Deep Fried Ice Cream were my suggestions! He he! I'm kind of in Van Mag!)

(Photo of Rosie Daykin at her bakery Butter via Vancouver Magazine. Try her giant oreo today! Yum!)

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