Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Would Die Happy Living Here

Isn't this the most breathtakingly beautiful perfection of a gloriously white home you've ever seen? (I know that sentence is ridiculous and it still doesn't do this house one ounce of justice) I could die happily living in such a place. Waking up in a poofy white bed, putting on a white silk robe and having cafe au lait from white china while perched on this dreamy white sofa. 

Yes, please. 
Where do I get me one? 

You won't be even remotely surprised to learn that the home belongs to Darci Ilich, co-owner of (you guessed it, my happy place) The Cross. I worship her. She has flawless taste. And she is nice, to boot! One day I hope to cultivate a home even one tenth as lovely as this. 
And maybe if not a whole home.... 
then one room?

(Photos via The Cross' Facebook Fan Page~ become a fan yourself!)


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