Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nie Nie Dialogues

What I have loved most about entering the blogging world is not my writing itself but instead the discovery of other people's lives through their own insightful and charming blogs. Very quickly you can feel like you know these people because they allow you into their days~ you meet their spouses, children; see their homes and friends; the parties they attend and the events (big or small) in their lives. Even more wonderfully you are able (invited even) to peer into their dreams and hear their hopes for their lives. Bloggers share freely their hardships with their good fortune and it is this I love so much, because it allows others to relate and not feel alone, even across a continent. 

I was moved today. Hugely. Today was a lovely and lazy Sunday where I huddled with a cough and a sore throat in bed, nursing Halls (cherry) and reading Wuthering Heights as the late summer sun streamed through the window. Taking a break from the book, I began browsing through some blogs and alighted onto the Nie Nie Dialogues, which I had visited briefly once or twice before. Today reading these entries entranced me and soon I was lost in the life of Stephanie Nielson (Stephanie Nielson), her husband Christian (lovingly referred to as Mr. Nielson most of the time) and their four insanely cute children~ Jane, Claire, Oliver and Nicholas. However, this is no ordinary family. A year ago Nie and her husband were in a plane crash and very nearly killed. After months and months in the hospital (where she was in a coma and suffered burns to 83% of her body) Nie is now home with her family, recovering slowly and transitioning back into her daily life, despite repeated surgeries and chronic pain. This woman is a true survivor and hero. She has lived through what most people cannot even imagine and she is doing so with grace and good humor. She has bad days and shares them, and good days that she is grateful for. 

Stephanie is an inspiration and I am delighted to read about her family and peek into her life as she heals, everyday. Without knowing it, she has also given me enormous perspective on my own life, as I evaluate what I am grateful for and what I see for my future. It is hard to worry about insignificant details when someone so hurt is so strong and brave. 

Thank you, Nie, for sharing your life with your readers. Thank you for teaching me today to be grateful for each day and live for each moment. I can't wait to read more about your life. 

ps- If you love Nie's site as much as I do you can add a "button" to your own blog, like the one I have in the right hand column. 

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