Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Room Inspiration~ Time to Paint

I love the heritage features of my apartment but for the last six months I've ignored the decorating process, unsure of how to highlight the very best of my home without ruining its period charm. Do I lay an area rug over the beautiful and incredibly well maintained hardwood just so I can watch movies on the floor, as I like to do? Do I take down the floating ledges that came installed in the apartment, which are charming but taking up wall space that could be better used? Most importantly, do I paint? 

I love colour and the walls in my apartment are of the typical not-white, not-cream, not-beige neutral variety. They're not horrible but they are also not to my taste (my last place was a pretty ice blue). So in came my furniture, up went pictures but the walls stayed the same, mostly because of the amazing original molding that adorns them. What to do? As of right now the walls and molding are painted the same blah colour but I fell in love with the photos of this room. I adore how the soothing pale grey wall colour serves as the perfect subtle background for the crisp, white molding to pop in contrast. I also love her hits of juicy red in such an otherwise soothing space. This makes me want to grab my paintbrush.... although I swore I'd never paint a room myself again!

(Photos via A Cup of Jo)


  1. That is quite lovely...
    I'm trying to find a way to magically (i.e minus the work) change the colour of my room from a peaceful green to white. Do you know magic? :]

  2. I wish I knew magic! Then everything would be perfect! I wish there were paint fairies!


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