Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Break Up No More

Have you ever had a friend break-up? They are sad and angst-y and often ridiculous and far harder than any break-up I've ever had with a man. But girls are girls and things happen, feelings get hurt and people drift apart. It's inevitable. Luckily, when girls truly care about each other deep down anything can happen and reconnecting, even after months and months, is possible. I feel incredibly lucky today to have one of my best friends back in my life. We could have yelled and screamed and blamed each other for what went wrong, but we did not. We giggled and gossiped~ things girls do! She is one more reason I feel wildly fortunate. 

If you've ever gone through a friend break-up and still think of that person, do yourself a favour, swallow your pride (saving face is unimportant next to having a true friend) and contact them. An email just to let them know you miss them in your life could be what changes everything. It's so worth it. 

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