Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mad for Manolo

While out shopping recently with friends, the future Mrs. Ewert (aka my friend Sarah) took the rest of us to see the dream wedding shoes she is contemplating. The four of us had lustful eyes for Manolo Blahnik's d'Orsay pumps in raspberry satin~ they could not have been any more beautiful. In fact, the store had the shoe in a bevy of vibrant colours, all lined up and looking like candy. Well, eye candy at least. Turquoise, purple, yellow. Drool.

So what did I (ever so foolishly and impetuously) do? I went and fell in love (like, serious love) with $750 yellow shoes! Now I ask you, what paycheque challenged girl would reasonably allow herself to even look, nevertheless fall for, $750 shoes (and yellow at that, damn you Chris Martin and your beautiful song)? Falling hard for something you seriously can't have is like falling for a married man.
Hello, super off limits!

What can I say? True love~ it's real and it's deep and hey, you know what they say... it strikes you when you least expect it! As for me, perhaps not. As for Sarah... well, we're working on her!

(Do it, Sarah!)

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