Monday, January 11, 2010

Sur la Rive Droit (and that's the only French you're getting from me)

When I was searching for places to rent in Paris a few years ago I found only one I fell utterly in love with. I still look at this picture regularly and dream of staying in this one bedroom apartment in a three hundred year old building on the Right Bank. It combines everything I love about heritage styling~ gorgeous and substantial crown moulding, stunning herringbone wood floors and an amazing stone fireplace mantle. Most of all I love the soothing neutral palette (mostly dreamy white) punctuated with the one, vibrant blue armchair. 
The TV on the floor is a different story. That's weird.

Still, I love to look at this photograph whenever I need a reminder of how I want my apartment to feel. Or when I need to dream of places to stay when I visit Paris next.... (this year??!!)

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