Sunday, January 17, 2010

Amanda Vogler at The Cross

There is not much more I love than the sparkle of perfectly feminine, delicate jewelry. I adore the way it can change an outfit, the way it can make everything I put on look that much more polished and pulled together, the way it can lift my mood just to see something pretty at my ears or throat throughout the day. I looooove jewelry! Amanda Vogler is a local Vancouver jewelry designer whose stunning earrings and to die for necklaces make me weak at the knees whenever I get the chance to gawk at them at my favourite store, The Cross. Amanda's designs showcase gorgeous semi-precious stones, such as pink topaz and aquamarine,  set against the most delicate of gold chain and I goggle at her beautiful creations and incredible talent. 

Visit The Cross online here to view or purchase a piece of your own. 

I reach for my 8 stone aquamarine drop earrings constantly and I know you will love Amanda's jewelry as much as I do. Trust me, it's impossible not to! 

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