Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Year With My Bear

One year ago today I followed an impulse that has since made me incredibly happy. It was a grey Wednesday when I left a doctor's appointment and with a free afternoon I took myself to the SPCA at Clark Street to find myself someone to adopt. The SPCA was not at all as depressing as I feared it would be. Cheerful and kind volunteers buzzed around everywhere, holding the animals and keeping them company. I took my time exploring the cat room, peering into every cage and whispering to the animals. 

I fell in love immediately with a great ball of grey fluff. She was the only one to jump off her perch and come rub against the cage door in affection. My heart was gone. Her name was Kahlua but there was no way that name was staying! I was impressed with the SPCA's detailed application process but after about two hours I was able to take my new pal home. It was my luck and her charm that made Rob, my brother and roommate, fall even more in love with her, even though he was resistant to me adopting an animal. It was his suggestion to name her Lulu and it seemed to fit her absolutely. 

It has been a wonderful year, filled with laughter and toes being bitten and 5am snuggles. I absolutely love having a pet and Lulu is an amazing one. I don't know Lulu's real birthday so we will always celebrate January 21st as our anniversary! 
I love you my Lulu monkey bear. 

(the above photo was taken the very day I adopted her with her first toy)


  1. Félicitations! Two months ago I picked up a puppy from the SPCA in France, and the place was in shambles! But after bringing him home and washing the stinky smell off of him, I have the best buddy. Even though he has to go outside every 90 minutes, I love him dearly.
    Fab blog and adore the headline photo.

  2. Sara Louise,
    I'm sure you love your little guy as much as I LOVE mine! Aren't they such a ray of light in our lives?

  3. Happy Anniversary to my girls...


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