Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is it still a Christmas Party if it's in January?

Last week we finally had our staff Christmas party and let me tell you, we seriously let loose! December is one of, if not the, busiest months of the year for us so we simply can't have our party before the holiday itself. Still, it was quite lovely to be able to get together and celebrate knowing that the chaotic nuttiness of the season was well behind us! 

We were taken to blue water cafe in Yaletown, where we feasted on their unbelievable sushi, oysters, prawns and sashimi, not to mention three additional courses. Did I mention there was an open bar?! I won't go into the details but suffice it to say I have a new resolution for 2010~ no more unlimited cocktails for me! I am lucky enough to work with some amazing people, including three of my best friends and two incredible bosses, so it is always (mostly always) a joy to go there. In fact, after 5 days off already after my knee surgery I'm more than ready to go back! Here are a few candid shots from our fantastic evening...

My BFF, Leah, and I got ready together and started the evening with a few Cosmos! 

Leah shows off her stunning Birks engagement ring! Greg did GOOD! Nah, he did great! 

All ready in our party gear! My dress is BCBG, my pale pink heels a steal from Aldo. 

The blissful, newly engaged couple! 

Girl time in the ladies room, of course! Leah, Jenny, Nic and myself. 

Smooching time at dinner! 

The boys hanging at the (open!) bar! 

Bestie time! 

Hamming it up for the camera! It was such a fun night! 

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