Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolutions II

Here are a few more resolutions for our newly born 2010...

1. Go see more concerts (this sadly lacked in 2009)
2. Do things outside of my comfort zone ie. see movies I wouldn't normally choose (foreign, documentary) or go out for cuisine I wouldn't typically select (Indian)
3. Go out more instead of staying home and hibernating (see above comfort zone)
4. Encourage new friendships
5. Pay bills on time (ugh!)
6. Learn to master at least a few dishes in the kitchen so I can cook some semi decent meals
7. Watch every episode thus far of Mad Men
8. Cut down on Starbucks~ let's say every other day instead of everyday, twice daily (this one will be haaaaard)
9. Visit my grandparents more
10. Read more (not just blogs, not just Vogue)~ return to books (and good ones)

I've let some things that I cherish slip by the wayside in the last while~ good music, beautiful literature and long visits with loved ones... but I'm determined to regain what has been temporarily forgotten. 

Happy New Year, everyone, and here's to a long, eventful, fun filled and memorably happy 2010. 

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