Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love Letter to Life

Dear life,
I never quite get used to how quickly and entirely things can change in this life. One day can seem so quiet, mundane, same and others are so full with every bit of joy and light. I guess life is really like the tide, in and out it goes while we have no true control over it. I think as I get older I'm starting to love that. I'm starting to love the unexpected, the unknown and the tomorrows that stretch ahead of me. I always used to be in such a rush to get to.... wherever. Now I don't mind the meandering pace. Slow is good, slow is steady. There is no race so why run when I can stroll and enjoy each day for whatever it brings. 

There are still awful days, I don't deny that, but it's an awful that ebbs away as soon as I see a friend's beautiful face or hear my mom's voice or feel sun on my back. There is beauty in every day. Waking up at dawn to the excited shriek of raccoons in my neighbourhood, then drifting back to sleep. The flip flop in my stomach of butterflies when I make eye contact with someone lovely. The bliss of walking next to the ocean. Lulu head-butting me at 4 am to play. The pure joy of knowing my best friend is here to stay. 

I think as I near thirty I'm finally falling in love with life. Mm hmm, I get it, corny! I hear it too, and yet it's genuinely true. Growing up is teaching me to accept life as it is, in the here and now, instead of feeling like I always have to chase those things I don't have. I am not one to give advice about life~ some days I want to bury my head under the covers and let it get on without me! However, if you take one thing from this I'd like for you to try and enjoy each day. As my friend Sarah once said to me in a tough time, "Get off the rollercoaster. Take time to yourself. Nurture your soul." I did and it was the most valuable of lessons. Embrace the little things. Love your life. It is yours after all. 

Love, Ally xo


  1. There is beauty in every day and you contribute to it. You are getting so wise, my young daughter, and I am so proud. Mom

  2. Thanks, Mom. I owe it all to you.

  3. I love this Ally. It holds so much truth and wisdom and reading it definitely got me in the right frame of mind as I start the day.


  4. Thanks, Chlo. I can't describe it, I just feel really happy and lucky lately, and I feel very very lucky to know you!


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