Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake~ Yum!

My name is Ally and I'm a dessert-aholic. Oh, how I love dessert in any way, shape or form. If it is sugary goodness I'll eat it and love it. Yesterday I had mini cupcakes and ice cream~ an ideal day for me! However, if I had to choose one dessert as my favourite there are no questions~ it would have to be Strawberry Shortcake. The combination of cake, fruit and whipped cream is like three desserts in one! Embrace strawberry season right now and serve this when you entertain next (or even just for you tonight!). Do yourself a favour, skip baking and buy individual mini angel food cakes at the grocery store (easy and delicious). Whip your cream with a little icing sugar in it to sweeten. If you would like take direction from The Barefoot Contessa herself and add a little liquer to your cream~ amaretto or Grand Marnier would work nicely and add depth of flavour. Assemble each cake at the last second and inhale! The perfect light and summery treat! 

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