Monday, June 8, 2009

Half Hour to Gorgeous Hair at Blo

The calendar may technically disagree but, for all intents and purposes, summer is here! I'm not sure what it is but the dawn of the warm weather and smaller outfits always makes me long for a new look, hairstyle wise. Last year I chopped off my hair to a chin length bob~ a look I enjoyed at the time but grew quickly tired of. This year I don't want to act as drastically but I still feel the need to change up my look now and again. Blo is the perfect option for me. A wash and blowdry at my normal salon (Suki's, which I totally adore) can cost up to $50 or $60 with tip, and while I don't mind spending that kind of money on a cut I don't care to drop that much on a style that only lasts until my next wash. I tried Blo for the first time last year and the style I was given was an unmitigated disaster (think bad, crazy Shirley Temple curls....ick) , so I was hesitant to try it again. However, my friend Erika has booked herself and her 7 bridesmaids (myself included) into Blo for her August wedding so we opted to try it again this past weekend. Thirty minutes and $30 later Erika and I emerged with stylish, swingy hair and wallets only slightly dented. Two days later my typically stick straight hair is still bouncing along nicely and I'm trying to work weekly visits into my budget. Visit Blo here for locations around the city (including inside The Four Seasons hotel) and to see their "menu". 

Above are before and after pics of Erika and myself. Would you spend $30 for a blowdry if it made you feel like a babe? 

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  1. Of course! Unfortunately my last two experiences there also left me with Shirley Temple curls...but maybe I will give it another try one of these days, as yours looks fabulous!


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