Friday, June 26, 2009

Style Inspiration: Blair Waldorf

Television's favourite vicious brunette, Blair Waldorf, has incited many a preppy fashion trend in the last two years of Gossip Girl's prime time reign, but none are as identifiable to her uptown character as the inimitable headband. Usually reserved for schoolgirls in braids and braces, the costume designers of Gossip Girl instead found only the most glamourous and chic headbands to parade Blair around in and soon the ever present hair accessory was as famously associated with the sophisticated teen as her conniving personality. Headbands have come a long way since the faux tortoise shell, plastic variety at the drug store. Instead they have become a fashion choice in their own right, as able to pull together a glamourous ensemble as the perfect jewelry or the prettiest handbag. For all out elegance choose a headband made with lustrous feathers such as these~ you will feel like a 1920's flapper goddess for the evening, guaranteed! 

The Etsy shop Feather by Feather has dozens of beautiful headbands in an array of colours and textures at an amazing price~ only $20US plus $4 shipping to Canada. I can just picture the Luce, the pale gray one below, with my hair curled and a little black dress! Ooh la la, tres Parisian, I think!


  1. Oh I like the peacock one! I've been looking for one with a bit of colour as I find the brown & cream feathered ones just kind of disappear in my hair!

  2. The peacock photo is actually Bebe. The other two are Etsy but she has many styles and colors, as I said! I am ordering one soon, I can't wait!


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