Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Always a Bridesmaid...

This August I'm incredibly excited and truly touched to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my very best friends, Erika, to her fiance David. I genuinely felt from the beginning that these two would be married and two years later we are counting down to their happy day! Erika is the very best kind of wife-to-be~ relaxed, enthusiastic and generous with not a touch of "bridezilla". Erika has enlisted seven women to stand up for her on her wedding day yet the hunt for bridesmaid dresses can frequently equal a headache for any bride. What colour, shape, length to choose for seven women of different heights, body types and hair colour? How much money can any bride expect her bridesmaid to spend on a dress typically worn once (hello, green satin)? The selection of the bridesmaid dress can become a very contentious experience for an occasion that is meant to be an honour. 

Did I mention that Erika is the best kind of bride? She has let us run wild, so to speak. We are going to wear black cocktail dresses of our own choice, whether new or something we already have in the closet. For me, new it is! I've been scouring the city and the internet for the perfect LBD, something classic and elegant but special. I want something pretty and eye catching without being too sexy (not that I could ever upstage such a beautiful bride, but I don't want people to think I'm trying to do so). I often avoid black because I find it can be boring and predictable but these above dresses from BCBG are anything but snooze worthy. I think any of them would be a phenomenal choice. Isn't the one with the frothy flower hem simply amazing? I have a hunch my final selection will be one of these three. I can't wait for August! 

Visit BCBG here for these and more heavenly dresses. 


  1. i LOVE these dresses!!!! you would look fabulous in any of them

  2. *blush* you're too kind my dear xo

  3. You should really try the top one on! That's the one I pointed out to you in the dove grey looks great on. However, I could also totally see you in the bottom one, so romantic!

  4. Any of these would be perfect! I think I vote for the second one, though. Can't wait!


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