Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Color Purple

I'm normally not really a purple girl~ it's a little too reminiscent of Barney the dinosaur or Ronald McDonald's partner in crime Grimace to suit my taste very often. However, lately purple has been subtly sneaking into my subconscious and I'm finding myself inexplicably drawn to what I normally avoided. Purple in home decor can be tricky as it can come off too girly and sickeningly sweet rather than sophisticated. This room is the exception rather than the rule. This is how purple can be done right. The amethyst pillows are strong and vibrant rather than too pastel and a deeper violet is perfectly and breathtakingly highlighted in the silk Fortuny pendant lamp floating in the middle of the room. Design tip: I love the oversized mirror behind the sofa~ a lovely and more cost effective way to fill a wall instead of art. I'm also completely obsessed with this area rug. I've been searching high and low for a pretty rug for my living room, something with pattern and character without being too overly feminine. I would happily put this in my home today. My advice? Take a risk and introduce a little purple into your room (or wardrobe!) and you may find yourself loving its subtle glamour. Amethysts aren't just for jewelry anymore! 

(Photo courtesy of Canadian House & Home)

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  1. LOVE your blog. I would love to go shopping together some day. Anyway, thanks for this post; I'm feeling more confident in my new choice of accent colour for my website.


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