Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Date Night in the Summer

Summer is almost here... when the sunshine stretches late into the evening and the best dates are the laziest, most relaxed ones. I've been on some lovely dates in my time, in and around Vancouver, and my favourite ones of memory are always during the sultry summer months. My advice? Grab your guy and head out for one of these outings. None of them will break the bank and perhaps they will be as magical for you as they were for me.

1. Choose a clear summer Saturday. Have a late dinner in Kits (perhaps Hapa Izakaya at Cornwall and Yew or Watermark overlooking the beach). Following dinner head towards the Planetarium and instead of visiting the bigger attraction opt for the smaller Observatory, where a trained professional will direct a massive telescope to the night sky and show you any number of incredible visions. When I was there I got to see Saturn, a collapsed star and a meteorite, among other amazing things. Admission is by donation (open only Saturdays) and the experience (in the dark, tiny room) is both romantic and entertaining. Afterwards, hold your honey's hand while strolling around Vanier Park and smooch along the shore. 

2. Pick any warm evening, pack a blanket into your car and put your bathing suits on under your clothes. Make sure to grab your passports or birth certificates. Head to Highway 99 and then divert towards the Ferry terminals. Bypass the boats and instead cross the border into Point Roberts, Washington (the border line up shouldn't take more than a few minutes). Once you're in the great, excited States make a pit stop at the Market Place to stock up on everything you need for a yummy picnic~ the deli has yummy and greasy fried chicken, spicy wedge potatoes and (best of all) corndogs (there is also healthier fare, if you insist) and a shockingly decent wine selection. Don't forget to bring me back Red Vines, I beg you! Take your picnic down to the beach, spread out your blanket, eat and splash in the cool ocean. If you're lucky (I was, once or twice) you may see whales going by. The beach is normally fairly deserted and private so you may not see anyone else around. Completely magical, inexpensive and romantic. 

3. Splurge on tickets to Bard on the Beach (this year's offerings include Othello and The Comedy of Errors). Watch the magnificent theatre, perhaps munching on the sweet and salty mixture popcorn (yum, best snack ever). Afterwards (if you passed on the popcorn or even if you're just still hungry) head over the bridge to downtown and indulge in a sweet treat at Marble Slab Creamery on Denman at Davie. You will fall in love with this gourmet ice cream, guaranteed. Quote lovey Shakespeare lines to each other as you get your sugar high. 

More fun summer dates to come! Enjoy, lovebirds! 

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