Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Room Inspiration

I love everything about this living room! Isn't it just girly heaven? Featured last year in Canadian House & Home magazine, the apartment itself is a rental belonging to a fellow Vancouverite. Although it's a fairly small space I love that she chose the oversized bevel glass leaning mirror~ mirrors always make rooms look bigger because of the reflection. It's no wonder I love everything about this room so much, as much of it was bought at my absolute favourite store, The Cross. I'm completely inspired by the flokati rug (so soft!), carved armchairs and pretty painted blue side table. I could move into this exact room and not want to change a thing. I think it's time to visit The Cross again! 

Preview The Cross here

(Photo courtesy of Canadian House & Home)


  1. Haha, oh my, you will not believe this but I have this very room (from House & Home last year) cut out as part of my design binder (a collection of decor ideas for when I finally have my own place). Could it be any more feminine or glamourous? And without a touch of pink or gaudiness anywhere? Truly inspiring :)

  2. I believe it! We have such similar taste! It really is a truly stunning room! I adore it. If we lived together we would have the cutest place ever!


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