Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy First Day of Summer!

Today is officially the longest day of the year and I intend to enjoy the light late into the evening celebrating Father's Day with my family. Summer is officially here and this time of year always stirs in me the lust to have an escape from the city, a secluded cabin or lakefront cottage to head to on the weekends, where one can ignore the bustle of normal, weekday life. I've been fortunate enough to have friends with this kind of retreat, where I am occasionally invited to relax, swim, eat and drink weekends away during the blissful summer months, but it is a dream to one day have an escape of my own. Cottage life is the antithesis to city life. 

Cabin rules: Leave the heels at home and live in your flip flops and bikini, hair wet and tangled (I can practically feel the sunburn on my shoulders and see the freckles on my nose). Abandon work and lose yourself in a good book, mojito in hand. Dinner should be a lazy barbeque, stretching late into the evening with wine and friends and (of course!) yummy dessert. Go to bed late and sleep in late. The most strenuous thing you should do all weekend is go for a walk. Get off the rollercoaster, breathe and enjoy life. 

The above summer homes represent the very best of life away from the city~ casual, relaxed, beachy, serene, quiet, soothing. If your family happens  to own a cabin, let me tell you~ enjoy it! And if like most of us you don't you can still bring a little summer into your own home. Pale blue pillows, a sisal area rug, candles and seashells scattered about are good ways to introduce the cottage feel into your city dwelling. No matter what, summer is here so get outside and enjoy the sunshine! 

(Photos courtesy of Canadian House & Home)

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