Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life in Technicolor~ Coldplay Rock Vancouver Yet Again

Nine years ago I fell hopelessly in love with four boys at the same time. They were a little bit older than me, English, talented and had great taste in music~ and I was smitten. It all started with one little single called Yellow, which I heard for the first time on Much Music in my parents' basement. A boy strolled down a beach in darkness singing about a girl he loved (look at the stars, look how they shine for you) and, in turn, I fell. Hard. For the last nine years Coldplay has been my go-to band, the one I turn to when I need inspiration, a good cry or to dance around my apartment. 

On Sunday I was lucky enough to see them for the sixth time in concert and it was an amazing night. To be fair the first five times were all phenomenal. First~ only a few hundred people at the Commodore, a time when people had barely heard of the band and Yellow had only just hit the airwaves. The small venue was incredible. Second~ six months later, still touring forParachutes, fourth row at the Orpheum. Theatre seating made them nervous and Chris Martin kept encouraging everyone to rush the stage. We complied! Third~ August 2005, White River Amphitheatre outside of Seattle for X&Y. Outdoor venue, third row, bodies smushed together = unbelievable evening. The four hour drive home in pouring rain, not so much. Fourth~ GM Place for X&Y the following January. These boys can certainly rock a stadium. Fifth~ Last July, the Pemberton Festival outside Whistler, B.C. The headlining act of the three day festival. My good friend Chloe and I shoved our way to about the fourth row (rather painfully) and were rewarded with being able to admire the boys' cute (and sweaty) faces up close! 

This past Sunday I was offered a last minute ticket by my cousin Kate and I was overjoyed, as I hadn't planned on going and was heartbroken about it. GM Place was packed and our seats were directly beside the stage, so our view was perfect. Snow Patrol opened the show and their set was fantastic~ energetic, fun and peppered with the lead singer's witty dialogue. When it was time for their set, Coldplay burst onto the stage with sparklers, waving them madly and running around in darkness before bursting into Life in Technicolor, followed by Violet Hill, Clocks, YellowIn My Place and Glass of Water. The set list covered the band's four albums and their latest EP, Prospekt's March, across the board and the variety was well balanced to perfection. Other songs played include Fix You (tears!), Politik, Green Eyes and a lovely piano version of The Hardest Part, plus almost all of their latest album, Viva La Vida (the only exception being Yes). Fun elements of the evening included the band moving to a tiny stage in the middle of the stadium to play a few songs (including I'm a Believer by The Monkees and Will Champion performing Death Will Never Conquer) and inciting the audience to do the "wave" with their lit up cell phones. My favourite part? The millions of butterflies showering the crowd during Lovers in Japan. It was incredibly beautiful! The best part of the entire evening was knowing that the concert was being filmed for the band's Live DVD, so in a few short months I will be able to buy a hard copy of a show I attended! Chris Martin said that out of 90 countries they performed in they chose Vancouver to film the DVD. I can't wait to see it! 

The only thing lacking during the evening? No Gwyneth, Apple or Moses to be seen. Sigh....

(P.S. Most of these photos were taken last year in Pemberton)

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