Friday, June 5, 2009

Have a Sunshiny Weekend!

Well, friends, it's been a long and hot week, a week that's felt more like three than just one. I wanted to write but was feeling a little uninspired (besides, I was trying my best not to move as I was laying under my ceiling fan in our insane 32 degree weather!!). Despite wading through my two jobs and doing summer planting with my dad there wasn't much free time to contemplate pretty fashions or the new place to go in town. Nevertheless, it was a nice week in its own way. I heard from a few very good friends, including my lovely Rachel in France (miss you!) who took the time to write me a long email despite the fact that I haven't done so in awhile (sorry, love~ soon!). I embraced pay day today and indulged in new summery sandals. Best of all, tonight I'm hitting the town with my new friend Nicole for drinks and girl talk and then will be brunching tomorrow with the beautiful Erika, followed by us trying out Blo (review of our new hairstyles to come later this weekend). Stay cool, lovelies, and enjoy the sunshine! 

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