Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If I Were Going on a Date This Week....

...then I would wear this dress by Rachel Pally, found on one of my absolute favourite fashion websites, shopbop.com. I'm passionate about white~ it is always my first inclination, whether I'm shopping or in my own closet. My favourite pieces in my wardrobe are incomparably my white dresses and I am literally awaiting the day when I can throw a white party (my 30th perhaps?). I adore this dress because of its overall Grecian Goddess effect~ the empire waistline, pleated bodice and gathered straps are hopelessly romantic and feminine. The strappy, flat sandals are the perfect compliment to the Goddess effect, though I would probably add swingy gold earrings as well. Many girls are scared to wear white, most likely because it's not as "slimming" as black and yet this silhouette would be flattering on anyone. Plus, white is far prettier on the skin because it reflects light, unlike black which absorbs light and can make you look drained. I would throw this little number on for a third date, but not before, and only if he really earned it! Anything this adorable needs to be pulled out only if he's a catch! 

I'm sincerely considering this dress for my 30th birthday.  What do you think? Is a White Party in order?

Visit shopbop.com here. I also LOVE this website because three of their gorgeous models are redheads so I can already see what the clothes look like with my colouring! Bonus!  

1 comment:

  1. Yes, yes, yes! A white party would be so much fun, and this dress would look amazing on you!


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