Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today would have been my Nannie's birthday and I have been thinking of her all day, missing her more than ever and wishing she were here so much. She was a wonderful, generous and funny grandmother and I see her goodness and spirit in my amazing (AMAZING) mother all the time. We've been without her now for 8 years and it has felt like a moment and a lifetime in one. 

Things about my grandmother:
Her name was Julia Susannah Sterling Woodward Reid. (The Susan in my name is adapted from hers, Susannah, which I like better.)
She always had Fresca at her house. I loved that. 
When I used to ask her something she wouldn't say "Yes?" she'd say "Hello?" Very English.
She was allergic to eggs, as is my Auntie Di.
She loved the colour turquoise and always dressed my mom in it when she was young, therefore my mother hated the colour. I, in turn, love it. 
She loved watching golf on TV.
She would nap on the sofa with the weather channel on. 
The summer before I graduated high school she let me stay over at her house for a week or so because I needed a "vacation" from my house/parents/brothers/life. Her house was a great getaway! 

I miss you and love you, Nannie.


(Photo courtesy of Paper Tissue)

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  1. I am writing a book about your grandmother's great-grandfather, the English author, John Sterling (1806-44). I'd be very grateful to learn whether any of his Canadian descendants may have preserved family papers and letters. Please contact me at 307-766-3244 or Eric Nye, Department of English, University of Wyoming.


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