Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Birthday Canada! I love being Canadian and am genuinely proud to call this my home, on this day and all others. I love so many things about being from here~ its beauty and diversity, medical care we can count on, a solid educational system, music from the likes of Arcade Fire and Metric, the birthplace of Ryan Reynolds and Rachel McAdams! This country has so much to experience and offer, despite not being perceived as glamourous or as sexy as the States or as cultural and historical as Europe (I'm not arguing here, I'm just sayin'). I hope one day to explore my country better, but in the meantime I'm a happy girl here on the West Coast! 

Today was a wonderfully celebratory Canada Day! My beautiful friend Nicole and I headed out to Steveston to take part in the annual Salmon Festival, which is (as our waiter later told us) the largest celebration across the country~ even bigger than in Ottawa! We and 50,000 other people wandered around the sunny (and very very windy) fishing village and took part in the general festivities, including yummy salmon burgers and, of course, ice cream cones! Despite being incredibly crowded (and a little overwhelming) I enjoyed the exuberance and feeling of community amongst the throng of happy revelers! The patriotism was infectious and the enthusiasm in the crowds endearing. Yet more reasons to say I'm proud to be Canadian! 

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